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Site Services


Site Services

Our site services team supervises system installations with minimal interruption to our customers' normal operations. Our technical staff also participates in the actual system startup process. Shick's site services team is knowledgeable about customers' processes, plant layouts and production schedules to provide an efficient and accurate installation. 

  • Installation
  • Site supervision
  • Field engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Customer service
  • System audits


Mechanical & Electrical - From silo setting through complete electrical wiring, Shick is dedicated to providing professional union and non-union installations. 

Site Supervision and Subcontract Management - Shick's site supervisors provide a single point of responsibility for on-site installation activity. 


Installation Handoff - Shick has an installation checklist to help confirm the completeness and accuracy of the installation and to test motor rotation, blower oil levels and filter media installation. 

I/O Checkout - I/O is checked for continuity through the control program to ensure proper address/physical point relationships. 

Field Engineering/Support - Shick's controls engineering team is an active part of the system commissioning effort. This allows us to make on-site modifications to operator interfaces or logic, freeing service technicians to focus on system performance and training. 

System "Dry Run" Testing - Shick suggests that a "dry run" of the system be completed to confirm the basic sequencing of the system components. This process minimizes ingredient waste and provides a time for program modifications to be made. 

Pre-Production Testing - With both a service technician and controls engineer on site, Shick supports a customer's pre-production testing to confirm the convey rate and sequential performance of the system. 

Training and Support

Training - To ensure optimum system performance, Shick offers customized training. Shick trains your engineers, maintenance personnel and operators in everything from the basics of overall system operation and equipment sanitation to preventive maintenance servicing. 

Customer Service The Shick Components Team answers questions and assists with components, parts and any other needs. They are reliable, friendly and technically trained to help you with any challenges or orders.

System Audits- The experienced staff of Shick are trained to perform extensive system audits to improve the overall performance of your automated ingredient handling system.  This includes:

  • System wellness
  • Overall performance
  • Evaluation of process upgrades and capital improvements
  • Maintenance and housekeeping

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