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Our research and development team creates innovative products to support our customers in an evolving marketplace. We develop and refine existing and new product concepts to uphold our standard to deliver high-quality solutions to customers.

We collect and log real-time data about our customers' production processes and use the information to inform our engineering direction and design. In the test facility, we also test new materials and ingredients to determine whether they can be conveyed and with what particular design, as well as what combination of components is necessary. 

The Shick test facility includes:
  • Vacuum and pressure dilute transfer systems
  • Vacuum dense phase, batch dense phase and low pressure continuous dense phase systems
  • Convey distances and elbows in multiple configurations to simulate production environments
  • Inline ingredient chilling
  • Moisture, sieve and product degradation analysis
  • Bulk density testing
  • Discharge ability
    • Slide angle testing
    • angle of repose
    • Fluidization testing
  • Test documentation
  • Database

Shick Esteve

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