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Shick Esteve - Explosion Mitigation

Explosion Mitigation


Explosion Mitigation

At Shick, we help you understand how to comply with NFPA standards and the OSHA National Emphasis Program and what these standards mean for you and your operations. Our goal is to help you implement the most practical solutions to meet regulations.

Below are documents that pertain to combustible dust compliance in the workplace. Food manufacturers should have familiarity with these documents. Please feel free to contact Shick to discuss these standards and how they can affect your operation.

Standard for the prevention of fire and dust explosions from the manufacturing, processing and handling of combustible particulate solids
Guide for determining which processes and vessels require protection

Standard for the prevention of fire in agricultural and food processing facilities
Guide for determining which processes and vessels require protection in the food industry

Standard on explosion protection by deflagration venting
If you elect to use venting as a means of explosion protection, this document contains the necessary calculations for determining the required vent area.

Standard on explosion prevention systems
Guide for determining the proper design for isolations and explosion prevention

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