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We move. We store. Bulk ingredient handling is one of our core strengths.

Unloading and Storage - We transfer ingredients from railcar, truck bulk or sacks into a variety of storage vessels that include silos, use bins and hoppers.

Silo Inventory - Our inventory systems provide a range of accuracy that depends on accuracy requirements. Methods include strain gauge, ultrasonic, load cells, point level and capacitance. 

Conditioning (Drying/Cooling) - Because of climate changes and product sensitivity in moisture and temperature, we provide convey air-conditioning options.

Sifting - Our sifting solutions include rotary, deck and inline.

Scaling/Batching - We have scaling solutions for major and minor/micro ingredients.

Vacuum/Pressure - Our pneumatic conveying offerings include vacuum, pressure and combined systems. We evaluate our customers' process and consider material characteristics, distance and other factors to determine the best system design. 

Dilute/Dense Phase - In addition to vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems, we also utilize dilute phase (suspension flow) and dense phase (slug flow) technologies to convey materials. The specific customer process, material characteristics, distance and other factors impact the choice of dilute vs. dense phase applications. 


Shick Bulk Material Handling
Shick Bulk Material Handling
Shick Bulk Material Handling

Shick Esteve

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