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Maintain a healthy system with our components and spare parts assistance. Our extensive stock and timely delivery keep your system running seamlessly. Our components sales team has a breadth of technical knowledge to answer your questions about Shick equipment and the variety of finishes and features available, as well as find the right solutions that meet your specific industry standards. 

IQC Filter Assemblies

IQC Filter Assemblies

Shick’s Insertable Quick Change (IQC) Filter utilizes high-efficiency spun bond polyester filter elements with ePTFE membrane. The unit is ideal in areas with height restrictions and on top of use bins and silos to help keep your plant dust free. The unit’s filter elements have a 99.9%+ efficiency rating. Its compact design makes it ideal for silos, receivers, dust collectors and bin vents, a better alternative in comparison to traditional bag and cage filters. Change of filters occurs from the clean air plenum. This eliminates confined space permitting or entry procedures. 

     Dry Goods (Food)
     Dry Goods (Non-Food)
     Liquid Goods (Food)
     Liquid Goods (Non-Food)
     Chemical (Lead Products)
     Chemical (Activated Carbon)
     Plastic (Compound)
     Plastic (Pellets)
     Paper Products
Unit Type:
     Dry Vacuum/Pressure Conveying
     Dry Dilute/Dense Phase Conveying
     Dust Collection

Shick Insertable Quick Change (IQC) Filter Change Out


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