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Shick USA Partners With STEAM Studio for First-Ever Industrial Design Camp

Shick USA Partners With STEAM Studio for First-Ever Industrial Design Camp


Kansas City, Mo. (July 2, 2015) – Shick USA, a Kansas City ingredient automation company, partnered with Kansas City’s STEAM Studio for its first-ever industrial design camp. Shick co-hosted the weeklong camp with Gould Evans Architecture for Kansas City youth ages 15 to 17.

Rockhurst University professor Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg, co-founder of STEAM Studio, and Shick USA staff led students through interactive learning exercises in manufacturing, from the corporate office to actual production. Students rotated through all Shick’s corporate departments and learned about different careers. On Thursday of the camp, students spent the entire time doing hands-on activities in Shick’s sheet metal, machining and shipping preparation areas. 

In addition, students listened to guest speakers from Tesla Motors and Sioux Chief Manufacturing.

Sonnenberg commented on the camp’s success and the students’ enhanced understanding of manufacturing and industrial design.

“The high school youth expressed what they thought manufacturing was about, which was transformed into learning about how it has evolved and improved our nation,” Sonnenberg said. “Second, the partnership with Shick has created relationships with future skilled workers who are excited about the manufacturing process and business, which is rare to see.”

Shick will continue to partner with STEAM Studio and refine the camp’s design to accommodate more students and hands-on education in the company’s manufacturing facility.

“The partnership with STEAM Studio allows us to use our passion for what we do to both give back to the community and inspire future technical leaders,” said Tim Cook, president.

In the future, Shick plans to help Sonnenberg and STEAM Studio apply for a grant to continue the organization’s mission of fostering students’ interest and critical thinking skills in STEAM-related fields.

“We’re fully committed to STEAM Studio and the students it educates,” said Joe Ungashick, CEO. “We see this as a long-term partnership that will gain momentum and continue to provide education for students on exciting careers in design and manufacturing.”

About Shick

Shick is an industry leader in ingredient automation with corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. For nearly 60 years, Shick has provided solutions to companies in the baking, food and beverage and confectionery industries, among many others. Shick designs, manufactures, installs and services large or small ingredient automation systems for customers worldwide. For more information, visit

About STEAM Studio

STEAM is an acronym for an initiative that overlays Art (and Design Thinking) with STEM, a national initiative to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines. The attrition rate in STEM fields is high—it’s a “leaky pipeline” that’s hurting American companies’ ability to recruit strong graduates into these complex fields. A STEAM-based curriculum overlays creativity and design thinking on STEM programs to make them more approachable, to break down the gender barriers common in STEM, and to encourage more innovative thinking within these commonly “black and white” fields.

The STEAM Studio, located within the architectural studio of Gould Evans, is a special learning environment where students in grades K-12 spend their time fostering analytical, creative and critical thinking skills. Through a wide range of activities and stimulating curriculum, students increase positive attitudes toward STEAM-related fields. The studio also serves as a learning space for pre-service and classroom teachers to learn more about design thinking and how to teach children in different ways. Learn more at

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