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Breteche Industrie, Shick Esteve's Parent Company, Finds a New Identity

Breteche Industrie, Shick Esteve's Parent Company, Finds a New Identity


After its acquisition in 2016, Shick Solutions was welcomed into the Breteche Industrie Group as one of their many world-leading entities. Shick Solutions and Esteve Process, who joined the group in 2011, then merged in August of 2017 to form Shick Esteve – a global ingredient automation solution provider.

Now, the management team of Breteche Industrie and their key financial partner IK Investment Partners have decided to signify their next generation of growth by revealing a new name and identity: Linxis Group.

This decision stemmed from the desire to reflect innovation and transformation from within the company to an outward audience. Thanks to strategic acquisitions, customer-driven business development and the continued development of global leadership, Breteche has continued to thrive.

“Within a couple of decades our group has attracted and gathered 7 world leaders in the food and health industry, whose job it is to ensure the seamless integration of highly specialized equipment for our customers”, adds Didier Soumet, Linxis Group CEO.

As Shick Esteve’s parent company, Linxis Group will continue to serve as a unifying resource. Their new branding will impact logos and marketing efforts across individual entities of the group.

About Linxis Group

Linxis Group builds upon a sustainable CAGR of +14% per year over the last three years to claim $264 million of revenue, backed by the stability and strength of its individual companies. This puts the group in position for further acquisitions and partnerships to complement global presence and organic growth.

About Linxis Group Companies

VMI (France) and DIOSNA (Germany) are leaders in the bakery and health industries.

TECNAL (France), CHALON MEGARD (France) and SIMON FRERES (France) are leaders in the dairy industry.


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